Campus Life

International Friendship House NADESHIKO

Experience everyday life in a global circumstance

Students live together with people from all over the world (as a rule, all the first year students must reside in the dormitory, and overseas students are expected to stay here during their enrollment.)

     All the first year students are, with the assistance of “Floor leaders” or “Nadeshiko mates”, to reside in the International Friendship House NADESHIKO. Through this boarding school system that they live together with their peers and overseas students, they learn how to build good relationships, intercultural understanding and foreign language communication skills. They are also immersed in diverse perspectives and ways of thinking, and can spend an exciting day-to-day life. By providing the students with a variety of experiences and exchanges, FWU continues to foster highly motivated and skilled women.

※“Floor leaders”: first-year students who are in charge of helping to sort out dorm issues, do event-planning as well as liaise and coordinate.
※“Nadeshiko mates”: second-year or senior students who support the dorm residents, including international students, in their general everyday life as a kind of staff.

Layout Plan

国際学友寮 なでしこ

  • Entrance
  • Dorm Management Office
    Dorm Management Office
  • Laundry Room
    Laundry Room
  • Common kitchen (for events)
    Common kitchen
    (for events)
  • Dinning and Pantry Space
    Dinning and Pantry Space
  • Meeting Room
    Meeting Room
  • Large tatami room
    Large tatami room
  • Mailbox area
    Mailbox area

Unit layout


International Student Friendship House NADESHIKO Data

Capacity 340 students
※44 students per unit. 4DK (4 private rooms, shared dining-kitchen, bathroom, toilet) x 85 units (6 floor building)
Square measure [Private Room] Approx. 10 ㎡ [Per unit] 82.40 ㎡
Rent & Utility Monthly fee 15,000 JPY
※Room fee 5,100 JPY, maintenance and cleaning fee 3,600 JPY, utilities 6,300 JPY, internet connection fee included
※Room cleaning fee 14,300 JPY (entry payment only)
※Bedding goods rental fee (applicants only)
Equipment [Private Room]
Air conditioner, desk (with lighting and bookshelf), chair, closet, bed (with storage drawer), internet access, balcony (with clothes line and brackets)
(Bedding such as futon and pillow can be brought by yourself or rented (surcharge applies)

[For shared use in each unit ※per 4 students]
Kitchen (IH cooking stove, sink, refrigerator, IH rice cooker, microwave oven, electric hot pot, kettle, dining table, etc.) bathroom (with shower), air
conditioning, wash basin, toilet, laundry machine, vacuum cleaner, umbrella
stand, shoe box, extension phone, etc.

In addition, there are a large tatami room, meeting rooms, a common kitchen, a shower room and a laundry room, all for a communal use.
Meals 3 meals self-catering
Students can use the student cafeteria on weekdays from11:30 until 19:00 (closed between 14:00 and 17:00). The university Co-op J Shop is open from 8:00 to 18:10 on weekdays, and the café “Nan-no-ki” is also available for light meals.
Automatic lock with card key (main entrance), surveillance cameras, security arrangements with security guards, resident managers
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